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Welcome! We hope to provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate financial and economic data available.  Using the menu bar at the top of the page, feel free to use our following free services:

Cost of living Calculator – Compare the Rental Prices and General cost of living between two cities. Available here: https://costto.live/cost-calculator/ 

2022 GDP Per Country Map – You can hover your mouse over the interactive map to get data related to a country’s 2022 Gross Domestic Product.  https://costto.live/2022-gdp-by-country/

2022 Country Population Map – An interactive map showing the 2022 population projections for a particular country.  https://costto.live/world-population-map/

2022 Country Crime Map – An interactive map showing a country’s crime ranking by crime index. https://costto.live/overall-crime-ranking-by-country/

Job Satisfaction by Occupation – Data showing which jobs are the most meaningful, insightful, and overall purposeful.  https://costto.live/job-satisfaction-by-occupation/

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Coming soon – A salary calculator tool